Internet Ungovernance Forum Brazil

November 2015
João Pessoa - Paraíba, Brazil

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Saturday and sunday, November 7-8: Aaron Swartz Day - R.I.P. Aaron!

Simultaneous interpretation provided for Brazilian Portuguese and English.
Times are BRT without daylight saving time (UTC -03:00)

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Monday (Nov. 9th) IUF 2015 Brasil Opening Julia Reda (Germany) Gabriela Colleman (Canada)
Tuesday (Nov. 10th) Birgitta Jónsdóttir (Iceland) Theo Oliveira (Brazil) Open discussion on internet legislation
Wednesday (Nov. 11th) Adriano Belisário (Brazil) Peter Sunde (Sweden) Open discussion on online freedom
Thursday (Nov. 12th) Danny O'Brien (EFF United Kingdom) Hindenburgo Francisco (Brazil) Open discussion on privacy
Friday (Nov. 13th) (to be confirmed)

Schedule subject to change and still open to interventions.


Julia Reda


German, member of the European Parliament for the Pirate Party in Germany and Vice President of the Greens / Europe Free Alliance.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir


Activist, writer, poet and member of the Parliament of Iceland for the Pirate Party in Iceland.

Gabriela Colleman


Anthropologist, academic and author whose work focuses on hacker culture and online activism, particularly Anonymous.

Adriano Belisário


Journalist and co-autor of the book "Copyfight: Pirataria e Cultura Livre"

Peter Sunde


Co-founder of The Pirate Bay, creator of micropayment method Flattr

Theo Oliveira


Philosophy professor on Universidade Federal da Paraíba

Danny O'Brien


Activist for freedom of speech and privacy for over 15 years, and international director of Electronic Frontier Foundation

Hinderburgo Francisco


Develops investigative works in the research areas: cyberspace geography, geography teaching, virtual education, regional and urban planning, history of geographical thought, internet governance and free software.


There's still time to schedule workshops, unconferences and talks! Send e-mail or call us on telegram, see contacts.

Remote participation

To participate remotely, you shall use the following methods:

  • Audio via Mumble: Channel"Desgovernança" on server
  • Video via Google Hangouts: Google account (we do not provide support for this tool)
  • Video via Skype: Account iuf2015 (we do not provide support for this tool)
  • Text via Telegram: Group [IUF2015] Oficial
  • Want/need to participate by other means? Reach us by e-mail or contact us

Audio will be amplified and video projected in the auditorium on live.


Internet Ungovernance Forum will take place in Auditorium of Centro de Ciências Humanas, Letras e Artes (CCHLA - 411) of Universidade Federal da Paraíba from november 9 to 13 of 2015

Auditorium 411 - CCHLA

Campus UFPB


Internet Ungovernance Forum Brazil is for those of us who demand free, secure, and open internet for all!

We're organizing the Internet Ungovernance Forum on November 2015, for everyone who demand that fundamental freedoms, openness, unity and net neutrality remain the building blocks of the Internet. Our objective is to talk about the true and real problems of the internet, how can we solve them and to chart a path for action.

Our forum will be in parallel to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2015 which will also be held in João Pessoa in november. Interested parties all around the world will join and follow this important event. However, we see that at IGF the most urgent problems of the Internet do not get proper attention. Due to its format, the main perpetrators of many of the Internet's problems, for example the governments and corporations, are getting representation in IGF that they don’t deserve. Given these circumstances, we decided to take initiative to defend the Internet as we know it and to create a parallel space to raise the voices of civil society initiatives, activists and common people.

For us, the most vital problems today are censorship and freedom of speech; surveillance and privacy; excessive commercialization and super-monopolies; protective, prohibitionist and conservative governance approaches; awful governance examples as in the case of Brazil and the list goes on. Further, we do not see any of these problems independent of the greater political, social and economic contexts in which the Internet and related digital infrastructures are embedded in.

We want to reclaim the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure of our societies, cities, education, health, work, media, communications, culture and everyday activities.

We call on our participants to resist seeing the problems of the Internet as only technological and void of its materiality.


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Transparency and finances

We thank you very much for having contributed financially for IUF 2015 Brasil. A forum like this, made with much voluntary work and financed by human beings and not stakeholders and lobbysts, depend on many people and much good will to actually happen.

The details of what is being done with the money is being written in the financial transparency wiki (brazilian portuguese only).

We thank also IndieGoGo, Sibite and Banque for the crowd funding campaigns.